Building Friendships: How to Reconnect With Friends


There are many different stages in the world of motherhood!  All of these stages get us up early in the morning, require staying up late at night, and running throughout the day.  When the kids are first born, we try to stay connected with our friends by making play dates for the kids. For me, the play dates lasted a while then became less and less possible. Siblings come along and life just gets busy.

It is easy for moms to allow their lives to revolve around their children. While it is not a bad thing to want to be with your young kids, it becomes easy for moms to get lost in the children. We spend every day, all day, talking to our kids. We forget how to be adults, how to have fun like adults, and how to have adult conversations.

As the kids get older, they attend school which frees up part of our day. What do we do with our day?  =Many of us volunteer at the school, so even though we are around adults we are still spending time with our kids or their friends. We spend the afternoon helping with homework and chauffeuring our kids to all of their activities.

Have you thought about yourself and the fact that you deserve some grown up time with your friends?  I know I get so involved with my kids I may let 6 months go by without talking to one of my best friends.  It is time to take back your life....STOP THE MADNESS!

How To Reconnect With Friends

The following are simple ways to reconnect with friends:

  • Find old friends online. Start with an email to reach out and let friends know they are on your mind.
  • Make a phone call. You will be surprised how much fun it is to reminisce about old times.
  • Plan to meet for lunch or a movie. It is exciting to see someone who you have not seen in a while. It is as if you have not been apart at all.

There is nothing like a lasting friendship and you should do everything you can to preserve it. Once you reconnect with a friend keep in contact with weekly phone calls. Make time for girl time. Your family will love you for it!

How do you maintain friendships with your girlfriends? What are simple ways to stay connected with them?

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Robin Greene is a kindergarten teacher, a wife and a mom to two teenagers. She loves spending time with her children and family and participating in church activities. Robin also enjoys writing for The colder temperatures are here and your little can stay warm yet stylish in these unique baby clothes, baby hats and baby headbands.

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