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argee corporation Argee Corporation creates mom-friendly products. Making life easier… is their goal. From towels on a string (no more losing your dish towel), to garden lights with built in solar panels—you’ll love their product list! And now ArgeeCorp is on Twitter!
luv that tray


Luv That Tray
Price: $12.99 includes 4 Bright Primary Colored Trays
Size: Approximately 12 x 18 inches

Aha Factor!

Four colorful trays make eating and snacking just plain fun! And how happy is mom during arts and crafts time to have easy clean up? The special edges help prevent Play-Doh or crumbs from landing on your floor. Wisk it off to dump in the garbage and the smooth surface is speedy to wash down or rinse off. My artistic 9-year old is all over brainstorming up other ways to use these trays. She already "Luvs her Trays!"

Examples in Action kids luv that tray

Thumbs Down Thoughts

At first we thought they were a little flimsy until we realized they bend on purpose! You can nearly fold these trays in half to ‘funnel’ the mess into the garbage!

YGWYPF (yougetwhatyoupayfor)

At just a little over $3 per tray you can’t beat the value. These are completely reusable (we love that) and durable enough to hold up over time. Plus orders over $20 come with free shipping!

More From Argee Corporation

Check out these fun, functional, and fabulous items from Argee Corp.

spin n store for lettuceMy toy tote

Spin N Store Salad bags [12/$11.75] use these to rinse, spin and then store lettuce greens.
My Toy Tote Mommy’s Helper $7.99, Little kids (and moms) need all the help they can get organizing and storing all their bits and bobs. We love to rotate toys in and out of the main play space, and this heavy duty bucket works perfect to store funky sized items when not in use. Other uses could be for pet toys, or garden tools!

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Disclosure: Carissa was given ArgeeCorporation products to test and try out with her family.
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