Be-Dazzling: Silhouette Rhinestone Kit Review


I love working with my Silhouette machine.  And now, there are so many things you can do besides cutouts with the Silhouette machine, like be-dazzling things with the new Rhinestone Kit! This kit makes placing rhinestones so easy. I tested out the Rhinestone Starter Kit by making a tee shirt. I was very excited about how it turned out. All in all, I loved working with the rhinestone kit. In my opinion, the kit is totally genius.

Silhouette Rhinestone Kit


Feed the blue mat that was included in the kit inside the Silhouette machine. Using your Silhouette software, choose a template that is specifically for use with the rhinestones and cut with the Silhouette.

The template is made up of a bunch of circles. You will need to peel away the blue sticky part of your mat leaving the circles behind. I had to help some of the little circles separate from the blue mat. This was the only part of the process that didn’t work very well.

Place the blue sticky part with your template on the hard white mat included in the kit. Put your rhinestones where you would like them using the brush or your fingers.

Once the rhinestones have been placed. Use the transfer tape provided to lift the rhinestones from where they are and place them on your material. Iron them for 60 seconds with another cloth acting as a barrier.

Turn your material inside out and, using another cloth as a barrier once again, iron for another 60 seconds.

For a cute idea for a baby's onesie, be sure to check out this post on Craft Envy! Be sure to visit the Silhouette site! Right now they are having a site-wide 30% price drop on all things rhinestone!

Have you ever be-dazzled items? What are your favorite creations? What do you love most about this type of craft project?

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