10 Educational Apps, Tips, and Websites Recommended by Moms


We as parents are raising and educating our children on the cusp of technological involvement in the learning process. The internet is exploding with resources. That and mobile devices are making education possible in so many ways and places.

In a recent #gno Twitter party with PBS Kids, parents discussed what to do to help their kids do well in school with the help of technology. The consensus was that parents should be as involved in their children's use of technology as they are in their education, as much because there is such a wide variety of apps, sites, and devices to choose from as there is a need for your kids to be guided in picking which ones to use and monitored in their usage.

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Top 10 Apps, Websites, and Educational Tips

The following are the top 10 apps, sites, and Tweet tips offered by our MomItForward #gno Twitter party community of Top nettikasinot 2024 listaus, with the many great games and tips offered by PBS Kids starting off the list:

1. @PBSKids, @jylmomif: "Love all the fun iPhone apps... like Photo Factory from @PBSKids. My kids LOVE it!!! @saradewitt: "So glad to see so many PBS KIDS apps fans! You can find them at—including Electric Company's Wordball! You can find lots of Interactive whiteboard activities at @electriccompany: "If you haven't seen our Prankster Planet area, it's at—an animated gaming portal focusing on math vocabulary. @jenster80: "For lots of online math games check out"

twitter screenshot from @electriccompany "Also, kids realities today are different, so their expectations are different. We have to keep up with the times."

2. @jenrab: "I love parent sites that helps to track w/ learning. @leapfrog @vtechtoys and of course @pbskids are all great w/this. We go on and"

3. @ladyozma: "Project Gutenburg will give us reading lists. We will plan our yard work & etc in Google Sketchup."

4. @blogomomma: "Ones like @LearningAtoZ."

5. @queenscarlett: "Raz Kids, Education City, Starfall kids are some of my kids' fave sites for learning games."

6. @mackidrivertwins: "LOVE Brain Pop Jr, new Junobaby apps for younger kids, storychimes apps. Also, LOVE Thinkfinity. Allows kids to be independent."

7. @appsforipads: :The new AlphaTots is a great new app for teaching preschoolers the alphabet."

8. @jenster80: "My huz has taught our toddler to ID all sorts of wildlife just using Google images."

9. @techmama: "Fab resources on PC2 apps like The Elements And I like sites that help parents learn - like @commonsensenews @safeinternet @iKeepSafe and many others. Also, app tip: When my kids play games like Angry Birds—I tell them they have2spend equal time playing math apps! Lastly, kids should be shown the "right" apps and websites to learn and play—cause the web & apps can be dangerous."

X Twitter screenshot from @appsforipads "I think new technology gives kids and students many options that never had in the past. Tailored learning is now possible!"

10. @cafesmom: "When my kids were younger, doing Bridge Books was a reward for them. Now, they earn tickets they can turn in for fun. they can earn friend sleepover, ice cream out w/ dad or mom, they create dinner menu, choose the weekend movie."

What sites or apps are your go-to resources for educational media tools? How do you involve yourself in or regulate your children's use of technology?


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