Best Staycation Ideas

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If you and your family don't have time or money for a big trip, consider going on a staycation.  Most people don't think to visit all the attractions in their own city or town. Now is the time to get out and start exploring! We recently asked the Mom It Forward community what they would like to do if they were able to go on a staycation and we were excited by their responses. We hope these staycation ideas help inspire you to plan a day trip and have some fun!

Best Stacation Ideas

Dinner and Wine Tasting

jen wine tasting

Going out to eat is a definite must when you are staycationing. @eatdrinkeatblog and @Fitnessmom1 said that wine tasting was at the top of their list. @SongsKateSang said that after a great dinner, she likes to go on a beautiful walk. @mommy_grrl likes to walk along the lakefront, take the train to Ravinia for a picnic dinner, or sip on wine at a concert. Here is a fun post by our very own Jen Tilley on a wine tasting trip she went on with her husband to Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Winery. She shares her top picks for the best wineries in the area. Wine Tasting in Shenandoah Valley by How To: Simplify.

Spend the Night at a Hotel


Photo courtesy of Bacara Resort 

We all know that if we spend the night away from home, we feel like we have been on a trip. A few of our community members said they loved sleeping in at a hotel while they are staycationing. They also didn't schedule a wake up call. Clear your calendar people and and plan a little rest and relaxation. @KaraJMiller and @melissanorthway say if you are in the Santa Barbara area, stay at the Bacara Resort. @janiserendipity likes the Mandan Cottages in Sundance Utah. Don't forget your favorite to take a book, and pray that it rains in the mountains. It is breathtaking when it does.

Plan a Day Trip

Top Florida Beaches

What are you waiting for? Jump in the car and go exploring. Here are a few of our community's favorite places to go if they had a day to burn.

  • Go to the Beach - @Shellroush says going to the beach is a fun way to get away. @Janellcp lives in Central Florida and loves to go to the beach too. @RebeccaEParsons says that since she lives in paradise {Amelia Island} she goes for walks on the beach at dawn and walks along the marina and snaps photos of the sunset.  @paperlyndsey is in seattle. They like to road trip to the Oregon coast and drive their car on the beach.
  • Head to a Theme Park - @readathomemama says her favorite staycation would be Six Flags, Atlantic City, New York City, and one of the many Jersey Shore beaches.@Janellcp likes to spend the day at Disney world. If you live near Orlando, @momitforward thinks Universal Studios Orlando is a must. @ajpassey and @hilaryetravels say if you are near Tennessee, you have to go on a day trip to Dollywood.
  • Hit a B&BBastien Photography would go to S. Colorado and hit a B&B in the Palisade area if she went on a staycation. TMoodyPhotography says her favorite staycation would be staying in a bed, eating breakfast and enjoying the little local shops.
  • Go on an Adventure - @ilinap just published a summer adventure list with lots of fun ideas to do in the Raleigh area. Check it out here.
  • Tour a Factory - @paperlyndsey likes to tour the Tillamook cheese factory in Oregon, see where they filmed Goonies, and take a trolley tour of Astoria.
  • Go to a Farmers Market - @RebeccaParsons likes to go the Farmer's Market to buy fresh veggies, pasta and breads, and loves going to dinner at 29th South followed by gin and tonic on the Lanai!
  • Spend Time on the WaterNichelle N. Pace loves whale and dolphin watching in Cape May. Diane Schmidt likes to go to Hershey and the Lake Erie islands.
  • Hop in a BoatTanya Goodall Smith would take a cruise around Coeur d'Alene Lake, go on a hike and eat a picnic lunch.  Don't forget to plan a shopping spree, and finish the day with dinner and dessert at the resort. Or a day at the farms in green bluff north of spokane and then a massage, dinner and soak in a tub at the Davenport! No need to travel to have a relaxing, luxurious vacation in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. 

Hikes and Parks

Zions from Angels Landing courtesy of Flickr Jim Trodel

If you want to feel like you are getting out of town, go on a hike or visit a National or State park in your area. RunMommyRun and @jamiemoesser say Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Talking about Utah, @jylmomif wants to go to the Canyonlands and Bryce Canyon. If she could quickly sneak over to Mesa Verde and the Grand Canyon, those would be top on her list as well. @janiserendipity says the Grand Canyon is breathtaking. If you are by Moab Utah, stay at the Sorrel Ranch and get a river side room. It is where the cast of Indiana Jones stayed during their filming. @kframpt loves to go on hikes with her family. She shares 5 Family Hikes in the Washington Area via Mom It Forward. @jillgreenlaw would like to go zip lining in Provo Canyon. Another beautiful place in Utah. @Angela_Reuss says you can have a lot of fun going to different parks in your city. Here is a fun post she wrote called Staycation: Going to the Park via Mom It Forward.

Activities and Family Fun


Here is a fun list of ideas to do if you are planning a staycation.

We love staycations! We'd like to thank the Mom It Forward community for sharing all their fun tips and ideas with us. Next time you need to get away, plan a staycation and have fun with your family!

What are your favorite staycation ideas?


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