Breast Cancer Awareness Global Initiatives: Part 1

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As we enter into October, Breast Cancer awareness is highlighted. In the United States, resources for Breast Cancer education, awareness, diagnosis and treatment seem readily available to the masses. Foundations and monies are available for mammograms. Financial issues still plague many for treatment, living expenses during treatment, and follow up care. While I acknowledge the availability of resources available; many Americans may not know how to tap into these resources. This series is not intended to address these issues. Over the next few weeks I am going to spotlight Breast Cancer Awareness in third world countries and other areas other than the United States. This is not to diminish concerns here in the United States, but bring awareness to the dilemma faced by millions of women across the world in other countries.

Many organizations span the globe to assist in the diagnosis, care, and treatment of women with breast cancer. Today I am going to highlight the Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation. If you have never read the story about Susan G. Komen, I highly recommend this and you will see what ONE person can do. Often times we see ourselves as only one person, and as being only one person, we don’t matter very much. Or do we? The Komen Foundation was started in 1982 and to date has funded or partnered with more than 50 countries, as because of their fundraising efforts have provided more than $1.5 billion dollars toward research, treatment and programs for the community.

A special web link highlighting global efforts of the Susan G. Komen Foundation is found at: . Some countries helped by the monies are Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Romania, Jordan, Egypt, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. As I researched this site, I found document after document highlighting clinics providing free mammograms. I found some documentation where support groups and education for Self Breast Examination (SBE) are taught.

The mission and vision of the Susan G. Komen Global initiative is:

This ground-breaking initiative is creating a dynamic global network of dedicated activists with the skills, knowledge and vision to play a strategic role in shaping their country’s response to breast cancer. We accomplish this by:

  • Empowering diverse stakeholders with the training, tools and support needed to influence strategic country-specific programming and funding decisions around breast cancer; and

This is a huge undertaking. All because of ONE woman to start with. I remember a song years ago where some of

the words are “it only takes a spark to get a fire going”. Next week I will share global initiatives for breast cancereducation and awareness where the corporate offices are not housed in the United States.

Joyce Harrell, RN, OCN is an Oncology Registered Nurse and Wellness Coach. Joyce provides education and workshops on a variety of subjects relating to the health and wellness of cancer patients and their families, as well as the general public. Joyce practices integrative care, which is adding (not replacing) integrative therapies to conventional medicine. She can be reached through her website at
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