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Building a Family Outdoor Tradition

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Every summer my family would go camping at a local lake.  The lake became a second home and I cherish my memories and my connection with that land.  Recently while visiting Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort during a Family Forward Retreat, I was reminded of the importance of helping my children establish a connection with the outdoors and creating family outdoor traditions.

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During Zion’s Unimog Jeep Tour, our driver/guide, shared his family connection with the land.  Between the fun bumpity bumps and jostling in my chair (which was surprisingly comfortable), he told us how his Great Grandfather had purchased the land right next door to Zion National Park.  The next generations of families lived and worked on the land.  Our guide’s love and passion for the area made a fun, scenic ride even more enjoyable.

I realized during our journey that I wanted my kids to have that kind of connection and love for the land.  Having such a connection, literally “grounds” you and helps maintain balance in our hectic digital world.  We need a familiar place that we look forward to visiting.  I have discovered that having a consistent vacation destination helps relieve stress for both me and my children.

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Zion Ponderosa provides such a place.  Whether you are a camper who loves to peek out your tent and gaze at the stars or enjoy the outdoors during the day and sleep in luxury at night, Zion Ponderosa has lodging for all preferences.  A variety of activities, like the Jeep Tour, helped me not only have fun, but reminded me of the type of experiences I want my children to have.

Take a virtual tour of Zion Ponderosa here. Imagine yourself and your family connecting with the land, seeing beautiful scenery and experiencing adventures to last a lifetime!


What is your next big adventure?



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