How Can I Tell What Breed My Dog Is?


Meet Zeke. Zeke joined our family when my high school son brought him home one day and surprised us all with his recent purchase on After we got over the shock of him buying a dog without asking, we instantly feel in love with this fuzzy little guy. One problem, we didn't know his breed. He didn't come with papers and the original owner didn't know whether he was a mix or pure breed. So how can I tell what breed my dog is? Wisdom Panel is a fast safe breed identification canine DNA test that gives you key insights into your dog's DNA so you can properly care for them.

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I am always stumped when people ask me, "What kind of dog is that?" I have settled with a miniature schnauzer mix. But to be honest, Zeke seems too big to be 100% miniature schnauzer. Knowing the breed of your dog can help give you key information on how to care for them. Here are some benefits of knowing what breed your dog is.

Benefits of Knowing What Breed Your Dog Is

  • Know how to train them - Every dog has a unique way of behaving. If you know the breed of your dog, it can help you understand their natural tendencies. I have have a dog that is a Puggle. The Beagle side of my dog likes to sniff out everything. When we are going for walks, I have to keep her on a very short leash or she tries to drag me everywhere. There are significant advantages for knowing the breed of your dog when you are trying to train them.
  • Ensure proper health and nutrition - Dogs need to be cared for in very specific ways. If you know how much your dog is supposed to weigh and eat for their breed, caring for them will not take as much effort. My Puggle loves food. The Pug side of her is always hungry. If I am not careful, she could get severely overweight. Research the breed of your dog online and make sure you are giving your pet the proper nutrition they need and deserve.
  • Understand temperament - Some animals have a tendency to be more aggressive than others. Some dogs make great house pets. When you know the breed of your animal, it helps you be able to understand why they do what they do. I have one dog that likes to be by my side. My other dog wants nothing to do with me. It is interesting how different every animal is.
  • Spot breed related diseases - Did you know that some dogs are more prone to disease? After researching several different breeds on the internet, it is easy to see that some breeds don't have as long of a life span as others. Some are more prone to liver disease or eye problems. Take time and research what breed your dog is so that you can do everything you can to help them live a healthy long life.

Now there is a way to reveal the breed of your dog. Wisdom Panel is a breed identification canine DNA Test. By giving a simple cheek swab, you can understand canine DNA based insights that will help you understand your dogs uniqueness. In less than 3 weeks, you will receive a comprehensive report on what breed your dog is. Right now if you purchase a DNA test, Wisdom Panel will donate a portion of their November sales to the American Humane Association. The test is also discounted from November 1st through the 24th at Take a few minutes today to order your test and you will be on the road to understanding and caring for your pet in a new way.

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