Holiday Craft: Easy “Mary Did You Know?” Wooden Sign


Last Christmas my mom got me a beautiful nativity. I had been eying the Willow Tree Nativity for years but just pushed the thought of owning one out of my mind because, well, they are pretty pricey. I went shopping with my mom one day and she saw me looking at the display in the store. I think she made some comment about how pretty it was and we went on. Never in my dreams would I have imagined opening that box from her last year. I cried. I plan to add a new piece each year until my set is complete.


As I was setting my nativity up this year, I felt it looked a little sparse. I wanted to add something, but was not sure what.  After being on Pinterest one night, I got a BRILLIANT idea! I saw some signs made out of pallets and thought that would be perfect to go behind the nativity. I was just stuck on what saying to put on the sign. Then, I heard my favorite Christmas song over the weekend and knew that was it! I decided to use material we already had, so I ended up making my sign out of left-over fence posts and some old paint.

How to Make a "Mary Did You Know?" Wooden Sign


  • Wood pieces
  • Paint


My hubby helped me figure out how big to make the sign, then it was time to cut. I decided I wanted each piece to be 20 inches long and I wanted the sign to be 4 boards tall. I marked my cutting spots on the board and began.

Making a Wodden Sign

Next, I cut two smaller pieces of scrap wood to attach to the back for support and nailed them on. Hubby helped hold everything in place.


Now, it is time to paint! I made a simple white wash using equal parts of old white paint and water. You want to stir well. My youngest REALLY wanted to help, so I let her help with this step.  She loved it.


Allow the white-wash to dry and then decorate! I have a Cricut but I don’t have cool font cartridges, nor do I have any vinyl. I KNOW, what kind of crafter am I? Well … cheap. HA! So, I just painted the saying on freehand. I used old grey paint and added a touch of black paint as well, the grey was too light on it's own.


I think it turned out great, and it was super easy, too! Now my nativity looks a bit more complete and I have a new sign to cherish for years to come.


You can see a few more pictures of the process in this Google+ Album I created.

 Do you have a nativity in your home? Is it homemade or store bought?

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