Networking: Connecting People Through Facebook

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It is no longer surprising that almost everyone these days could not live without connecting to the internet even for just a few hours. With the different functions an internet connection can provide, people connect to this service all the time to search for information, pay bills, reserve plane tickets, listen to music, stream videos, etc. But the latest innovation that has taken everyone by the storm is the so-called Facebook.


Overview on Facebook

Chances are great that you already know well what Facebook is since you probably have a Facebook account yourself. But it might be interesting for you to know that this website was initially founded by then psychology student Mark Zuckerberg. It was intended for the whole university where he was studying but it gained recognition so fast, it reached to other universities, then to the rest of the world.

Today, it remains the prevalent social media site and has even overturned Friendster from its throne and out of the industry. While it is still free to join, it has developed other features, like Facebook games, event invitations, advertisements and much more.

What Makes Facebook So Popular

The primary reason Facebook is so popular is because it is a networking site. Human nature dictates the need for relationships and this medium has just the right features and capabilities that allow people to connect conveniently, regardless of location or time of day ... or night.

But what makes Facebook the leading social media site is that it is able to make it more fun to belong to a network where you can be easily reached. Facebook was the first to come up with networking features that people were quickly comfortable with and eventually, enjoyed using. Among its initial features is the ability for people to post status updates, photos, videos, etc., that everyone else in their network can read, ‘like’, and comment on. Get tips on increasing engagement at Eventually, other interesting features were made possible, such as discovering a common friend with other people in your network, creating events where account owners can invite other members, tagging other people in photos, etc.

Final Words

Before the advent of internet technology, or even before the launch of Facebook, connecting people could mean visiting a relative in their home or hanging out in restaurants or bars, which wasn't the best way to connect with people who lived far from you. Facebook has made it easy for people to connect with one another regardless of time and location.

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Do you have a Facebook account? How often do you connect with friends on Facebook?

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