Coupons: The Key to Saving Money on Retail

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Frugal is not a bad word. In fact, I embrace it. I wear it as a crown...a crown of glittered Cheerios, but a crown nonetheless. There’s no shame in wanting to get the most for your money. It’s empowering and a thrill to know I’m helping my family save money on everything from groceries and personal care items to household items, apparel, and gifts. Did you know that you can still shop at the same Retailers and spend less?

How did you get started? Coupons. They are an incredibly powerful way to save money on all of your Retail purchases. There are so many places where you can find the best deal -- everywhere from magazines to online businesses. Since there are a ton of options, I want to share with you some of the best places to find coupons that will help you save big.

Top 8 Places  to Find Coupons

  1. Magazines – Many magazines, including All You, have a number of Retail coupons. Seventeen, People and Parenting are other great resources.
  2. Entertainment Books – An Entertainment Book is full of coupons for your local Retail stores.
  3. Email Newsletters and Mailing Lists – Sign up for an email newsletter or mailing list from your favorite Retailer. They may let you know about an upcoming sale. Or they might give you a coupon that is not available to the general public.
  4. Facebook / Twitter – “Like” or “Follow” your favorite Retailer on Facebook or Twitter. Many times they will announce special offers, discounts, and coupons exclusively to their fans.
  5. Store Loyalty Cards – These free cards will earn you cash back after so many purchases, exclusive coupons or sneak peek shopping hours exclusive to you.
  6. Mobile Alerts (also knows as Text Coupons) - Imagine paperless coupons. You don’t have worry about forgetting a coupon because it’s right there on your cell phone. You can either send a Retailer a text or sign up via their website. When a retailer sends you a text message with a Coupon Code, you will show it to the cashier. Some retailers will actually send you a coupon that contains a bar code. The cashier scans the bar code just like they would a paper coupon.
  7. Printable Coupons – Believe it or not, there is an incredible amount of printable in-store coupons for consumers. Your Retail Helper has created a weekly list of printable coupons, called the Retail Round Up. Simply click on the link to your favorite Retailer and print the coupons.
  8. Online Coupon Codes – There are a number of websites that allow you to search to see if your favorite Retailer has a Coupon Code you can use for your purchase. Some of the more popular sites to use are,, and

Are you ready to embrace your Frugal status? Start slow. Try one or two places to find coupons for your favorite Retailer. Then let the savings begin. And don’t forget to put on your glittered crown.

Do you clip coupons from Sunday flyers? Do you print out coupons from the internet? Do you trade coupons? Share your best money-saving tips for coupons.

Anna Bannister is a WAHM mom of three children five years and under. She wears her tilted, glittered crown with humility and a grateful heart. She can be found at

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