Healthy Lifestyle: Rules to Follow for Smarter Snacking

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Healthy Lifestyle—Over the past few weeks, major news sources have been reporting on the increase in calorie intake by Americans over the past 30 years. Researchers claim that 25% of our diet now comes from snacking. While unhealthy snacking may lead to obesity, not all snacking is bad. However, it is important to know some basic principles about food, nutrition, and choosing snacks to empower you to make smarter snacking a part of a healthier lifestyle.

Simple Rules to Follow for Sensible Snacking

Here are a few simple rules to follow from Frito-Lay’s online resource for sensible snacking; License to Snack:

  1. Yes, You May. Instead of sneaking a snack, plan for it and include it within your daily calories and nutrient allowance.
  2. Smart Snacking Can Help You Avoid Gaining Weight. Planning snacks can help pre-empt hunger, which can help steer clear of overeating at meals.
  3. Eat the Whole Thing…But First Put a Single Serving in a Small Container. When eating from a package with multiple servings, put the appropriate portion in a smaller container and put the rest away.
  4. Identify Your Snack Time! Different people have different times when they need an extra boost, so once you become aware of when that trigger usually occurs, you can be prepared to make a better snack choice.

Chips tend to be a common go-to snack, but not all chips are created equal! Tostitos Scoops! tortilla chips, Lay’s Classic potato chips, and Fritos Original corn chips are made with only three simple ingredients: potatoes or corn, healthier oils and salt. That’s it!

Smart snacking is critical to leading a healthier lifestyle, so be sure to remember these simple rules the next time that four o’clock slump, the after-dinner ambush, or the midnight madness attacks! Happy snacking!

When it comes to snacking, are you a sweet or salty person? What are your favorite snacks?

Note: This post was sponsored by Frito-Lay. Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay. Please be sure to check out Frito-Lay on Facebook!

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