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Kids Party: Dinosaur Party and Activity Ideas

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If you have a dinosaur lover in your life, then they will ROAR over this party! This was my son's 7th birthday party, and his second dino party. Because he loves dinosaurs that much, we held it in the party room at a Natural History Museum. It seemed natural to use earth tones in this collection, mostly brown, green, and orange. Because my son's favorite color is orange and has been since he was a toddler, I highlighted that color in the decor.

dinosaur party food table by Renees Soirees

By the way, 'Tangerine Tango' is a version of orange that Pantone declared the 2012 Color of the Year. So stay tuned for future trend previews from Colin. LOL!

How to Throw a Dinosaur Party for Kids


I started with the invite, available here... (the photo is optional):

dinosaur party invitation

Here are the other two backgrounds available, in case you don't fancy plaid:

Dinosaur invitation with earth-toned stripes Dinosaur invitation with green chevron and stripes

Dinosaur Treats

I filled small apothecary jars with Whoppers, Raisinets, jelly beans, and lots of other items that could pass as 'dino eggs.'

dino party table food

These are Whoppers... (You may wince at the tag, but let me assure you that 7-year-old boys will laugh hysterically at stuff like this!):

dino party table food

These Dino Bones snacks made everyone giggle...

Pretzel sticks, marshmallows & white chocolate made to look like bones

And they were easy to make; in fact my 2-year-old helped make them.

snack that looks like bones

I also made the Fossil Cookies. (Recipe link in a minute). Then I stamped one of my son's toy dinosaur feet into them before baking. Of course, I scrubbed the T-Rex very well first, because a dino toy is certainly not a food-grade item. Especially not in my son's room!

Cookies with an imprint of a dinosaur foot in them

Oreo Cakesters with orange sprinkles

By the way, the food labels that come with the collection are blank. These kooky combinations are my doing, because my boys wanted to include all their favorite dinos. 🙂

Dinosaur Snacks

It wasn't all sweets on the table, though...

PB&J sandwiches cut in the shape of a dinosaur

Basket full of crudites labeled Herbivores

Dinosaur Drinks

And for drinks, I did a jug of water with some mint leaves. (Note to self: Don't use this many mint leaves next time, unless you prefer your water to taste like mouthwash!)

Water jug full of mint leaves and labeled Watering Hole

Sip & Toss cups with a dinosaur tag on the straw

Orange and brown cupcakes with dinosaur toppers

Dinosaur Decorations

I didn't want to go BUY (and store) another cake stand, so I made my own for about $3.

Cake stand with orange top, brown ribbon and brown stand ."

I painted a wooden frame and added a photo of the birthday boy to the table ... along with a toy out of his room. 🙂

Brown frame with photo of boy and Lego dinosaur on party table

Party Favors

And finally, the FAVORS!

Photos of the items included in the favor bags

Dinosaur lollipops, reusable napkins, dino-shaped crayons, a 'dino egg' filled with small dinosaur figurines and dino tattoos, and some bubbles with custom labels (also included in the collection).

For more photos, explanations and how-to's about this prehistoric party, see my blog

dinosaur-themed party table with banner, food and balloons

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! I had SO much fun creating a dinosaur party for you. And because you tell everyone about it, and mention it all the time, I know you'll remember this party for a looong while!

child standing next to a dinosaur made of Legos

Where do you go to find party inspiration?


-------------------------------- {Party Partners} --------------------------------
Dino Bones snack idea adapted from Epicurious
Dino Crayons from Posh Paper Creations
Chocolate dinosaur lollipops from The Sugared Shop
Reusable napkins from Gnome Clothes
Unpainted Frame from Poppyseed Projects
Photographer: Chelsey Vehon, Vehon Photography (metro Phoenix)

Dinosaur Collection by Renee's Soirees
Nut-Edged Lemon Cookies recipe
Party Venue: Museum of Natural History, Mesa, Arizona (they also own the painted backdrop)


Renee, owner of Renees Soirees Renee Roberts is Designer/Stylist of Renee's Soirees. She has always loved themed parties and the thrill of the hunt that comes with finding coordinating items for them. She now designs and customizes printables that her customers can use to create their own memorable events. She has lived in Australia, England, Germany, and France ... but has finally decided to rest her head in Phoenix, Arizona with her family.


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