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Back to School: Starting School Party Ideas

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Starting kindergarten for the first time can be equal parts exciting and daunting—for both the student-to-be and for mom. There are many strategies to make the transition easier, but what could be more fun than a “starting school” party? A fun twist on a back to school themed celebration, it captures all the novelty and adventure of going to school for the first time.

A back to school party celebrating kindergarten doesn't have to be extravagant. In fact, it could even be a bit overwhelming for your little ones if it were a huge production. Keep in mind everything is new about school to them, so simple can be extremely fun as well.

starting school party

Prepare for the First Day of Kindergarten with a “Starting School” Party!

Use Classic Images Party Decorations

The theme of the party is a great way to introduce the children to an environment that they may be seeing for the first time. Pencils, crayons, rulers, and school buses can be incorporated throughout. Letters and numbers are also always a classic back to school element! A fun and easy way to incorporate them is in food items such as letter-shaped cookies or number cakes. If you’re looking for ideas, this gorgeous bookworm party will get you started.

Play School is Cool Party Activity

For the party itself, a fun activity might be to have a little roleplaying! Pretend to be the teacher and you can conduct some learning activities that emulate a regular school day!

They can practice their name for spelling class, play on toy instruments for music class or do a simple math or science activity. You can also take them into the backyard to kick around a soccer ball for gym class. A mini day can be planned from start to finish complete with a fun themed recess (to enjoy one of the letter shaped cookies)!

Create Crafts That Will Become Family Keepsakes

Personalizing individual items for school can be lots of fun and help your little one look forward to the big day. It can be something as simple as adding a name to their new backpack or customizing a lunch box.  It can also be as complex as decorating a picture frame that will be used to display the treasured first day of school photo or making a small, personal gift for a new teacher! The hands-on nature of these activities could be a great way to help them view the start of something new in a very positive light.

The first day of school is a hallmark in the life of a child (and a parent). From school-themed treats, to school-related activities that mimic the makings of a real school day and many other fun details, a small get together is a perfect way to celebrate this special time with your child.

 What traditions do you have for starting the first day of school?

Stephanie Keeping is Chief Navigator at Spaceships and Laser Beams, a blog and Etsy shop dedicated to party ideas for boys. Be sure to visit them for party themes, supplies, cakes, games, DIY projects and more.

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