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Ideas for a Back to School Party for Parents

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back-to-school-party-ideas-for-parents 720 Back to School Party for Parents

When you think of back to school parties, certainly children always come to mind first. But here’s an idea: What about a celebration for parents?

The focus of a back to school party for parents can be as simple as unwinding together or formulating a game plan for the upcoming year.

1. A Girlfriend Get Together
I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about my four-year-old son starting kindergarten this year. I’m so proud of the little boy he’s become and excited about his next step. But if I am honest, I’m also mourning a little. School makes the fact that he is no longer a baby quite real.

If you’re in my situation—or a mom of an older child that might want to celebrate the fact that the craziness of summer is over—mark the back to school milestone with other moms in the same situation. One option is to celebrate the first day of school is to hold something while the kids are at school. Whether it’s casual lunch during the workday or an excuse to fruity drinks (or champagne!) in the backyard.

2. Meet the Parents
For little ones just starting school, it’s very likely that you’re not acquainted with other parents. If you’re up to it, a casual party to introduce yourself and get to know everyone may be the answer. (The feasibility of this will depend greatly on your area and school size but a friendly invitation will be seen as a nice gesture.)

To keep things from getting overwhelming, you could have everyone bring a finger food, while you host in your backyard. If you want a challenge, you could hold it at a local park and organize a family baseball game or rely race followed by a BBQ to keep things relaxed and break the ice. Who knows? It may turn into a yearly tradition!

3. Make a Game Plan
If you already know the other parents from previous years, this can be a good time to put together a game plan for carpooling and sports activities. It’s rare to have most or all of the parents together in one location, so covering a lot of ground can be very beneficial.

Holding a lunch the first week of school helps because everyone is in the mindset of getting organized for fall. Sharing with one another what teacher your child has and discussing schedules can help everyone feel informed and prepared for what lies ahead in the new year!

What back to school party for parents will you host?


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