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Back to School Party Ideas for Any Age

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Is there a more fun way to mark the beginning of the school year than with a back to school party? From kindergarten to elementary school to middle and high school, here are some simple ways to make a celebration appropriate for just about any age.

Back to School Party Ideas

We've gathered a few ideas, and sorted them by age group below.

Party Ideas for Children Starting Kindergarten

For a kindergartner, everything about school is brand new so the basics are welcomed. Simple chalkboard decor and classic ABC elements are a must for your party decorations. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at this age, so just a couple of focal points makes planning a bit easier and also the party more enjoyable for little first time students. See our previous post about planning a Starting School party for lots of ideas on how you can throw a party for this age group.

Party Ideas for Children in Elementary School

At this age, school friendships are usually established, so it’s a great time to incorporate group activities into a back to school party. It can be as simple as a casual party at an ice cream shop or a school-themed setup with activities to follow. Incorporating new learning elements that will be introduced in the new school year, such as multiplication, is also a great idea.

In addition, there are also some popular games that are played in school that can be used for your party. Heads up 7Up is a popular favorite that can also be done at home. Memory games and picture guesses are also a hit. Group activities really bring an event for the age to life!

Party Ideas for Middle and High School

When kids get in higher grades, celebrations for them are often overlooked until it is time for an official graduation. But there are still many ways to celebrate the beginning of the school year with middle school and high school age kids.

Spending time with old friends that they'll most likely see everyday is a great way to get back into the rhythm and routine of the upcoming year. You could invite their school friends for a fun trip to a local museum, as it offers the opportunity to be both educational and social for older kids. An aquarium, zoo, or space technology center could also serve as a fun get together to mark the beginning of a new year.

If you don’t have those amenities nearby, I am a big fan of instilling the value of charity in children. Why not use a back to school party as a way to do some good? Have the group volunteer together for a community group that needs some extra help for a day. Or throw a small, relaxed party at your home and ask everyone to bring school supplies or children’s books that can be donated to a shelter.

Back to school parties can be done every year, every other, or on whatever you deem as a milestone for your child. They are great ways to make learning fun and to associate the start of school with a positive experience every year!


 How do you like to celebrate Back to School?

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