DIY Apple Print Fall Banner Kids Can Help Make

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Crafting with kids can be so fun and so messy and so crazy. We wanted a cute fall banner that kids can make themselves and this apple print craft was the clear winner!

Would you believe me if I told you that this was my third attempt at a cute banner today? Well, I'm going to share it with you so that you don't have to have three attempts! Pretty thoughtful, huh?

DIY Fall Banner Kids Can Help Make-7a

My first attempt was tracing all of our hands, then attaching them to twine. It was terrible. It actually looked a little creepy hanging there. No, I didn't take pictures. I didn't want to end up on a craft fail website. My second attempt was cutting out leaves to attach to twine. That may have worked except that my leaves definitely showed that I've lived in the desert for five years now.

Apple Print Fall Banner Kids Can Make

I called Julia into the kitchen to cut up an apple and grab some paint and construction paper. The boys quickly joined in and I knew we might just have a winner!

Supplies for an Apple Print Banner

  • construction paper
  • twine
  • apples
  • paint

Making the Apple Print Banner

This fall craft ended up being super simple in the end.

DIY Fall Banner Kids Can Help Make-8a

1. Julia cut triangles and chose the color of the construction paper.

2. Riley and Nate swirled the apples around in the paint and pressed them into the construction paper.

3. After the paint was dry, I hot glued twine to the back of the construction paper.

So here you have it! A fall banner that I think doubles nicely as a back-to-school banner.

Tip: If your apple doesn't press down nicely, just cut it again, making sure to expose the seeds and make a clean, flat, cut. Don't worry if the apple is juicy - It makes beautiful impressions.

We hung ours in the dining room to enjoy over family dinners. Where will you hang your fall banner?

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