DIY Crease-less Hair Ties for Simple Kids Fashion

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Hair. Specifically, brushing my daughter's hair. Is not for the faint at heart. It usually involves screaming, whining, begging. And that's just on my end.

Truthfully, the daily hair-doing experience is rough around here. So I went on a mission to make the hair-doing experience involve more fun and less tears. DIY Creaseless Hair Tie Tutorial

I really love those elastic, crease-less hair ties I've been seeing at the drugstores. The lack of metal appeals to me; I don't like my hair snagging on those metal pieces, and I don't like that for Kate either. But often those ties tend to cost more than I'd like to pay. And I wasn't super hot on the color selection.

I figured it couldn't be too hard to make my own, and I could let Kate pick the colors, getting her involved in the process. I ordered 18 1-yard pieces of the 5/8 inch elastics from Hairbow Supplies Etc. Kate and I selected a variety: some polka dot, some solid colors, some chevrons.

When our order arrived, we were so pleased with our selections. The colors and patterns are so fun! Definitely more interesting than the ones I've seen at stores. And the process to make hair ties and headbands couldn't be easier.

DIY Creaseless Hair Ties for Kids

Supplies to Make Your Own Crease-less Hair Ties

  • 1 sheet of 8.5' x 11' paper
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair elastics

How to Make Your Own Crease-less Hair Ties

Smooth out the decorative elastic bands

To make the hair ties, simply measure your elastic along the long edge of the sheet of paper and cut. Fold the elastic in half.

Fold the elastic for your DIY Crease-less ahri tie

To make the knot, don't tie the two ends together. That will result in a messy knot and twist the elastic. Instead, loop the elastic over your fingers and draw the ends through. You can loosen or tighten the knot to make it work for your hair.

Knot the ends to create your crease-less hair tie

Use the remaining yardage to either make another hair tie (measuring again down the long side of the paper).

DIY Crease-less hair Tie - frugal, fashionable, and simple to make

Or, you can make a matching headband. We found the left over yardage the perfect amount for a headband. Just fold over the remaining elastic and tie the knot the same way you did for the hair tie. And you've got a matching headband.

Crease-less elastic headband - perfect complement to the crease-less hair ties tutorial

I love these elastics because Kate is excited to wear them (especially since she picked the colors and helped me make them) and they don't damage our hair. I love to wear them, too! They probably aren't the strongest hold, but they are great for when I just need to tie my hair back quickly. And unlike other types of headbands, these don't squeeze our heads. You can easily adjust the knot to make the band as tight or as loose as you like.

Making these cute hair ties is addicting!  I'm already dreaming up other DIY hair bow projects.  Have you made any DIY hair bows?  How did you make them?

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