Hand Print Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards

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While I encourage my kids (and remind myself!) to practice gratitude year round, there's something about November that inspires all of us to pay extra attention to the things we're grateful for.

The kids, my husband, and I've been talking a lot about what we're grateful for around the dinner table for the past couple weeks.  I love to hear what my four-year-old is most grateful for.  Sometimes it's the movie Frozen.  But oftentimes it's her brother, her grandparents, and - every so often - me!

I've been thinking of how we could display a visual representation of the things we're grateful for, sort of a daily reminder.  I came up with these sweet and simple hand print gratitude cards that we could display on our fridge to remind ourselves to take time to be thankful.

Supplies for the hand print gratitude cards

Supplies for Your Hand Print Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards

  • Construction paper, any color
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Pen (or anytime of marker)
  • Sticky letters (if you don't have sticky letters, you can easily just write in the initial)
  • Tape, magnets, or push pins, depending on how you're displaying your hand prints.

Trace your child's and to make gratitude cards

How To Make Your Hand Print Thanksgiving Gratitude Cards Make gratitude cards with your child

  1. Select your construction paper color.
  2. With a pencil, trace your child's hand print.
  3. Cut out the hand print
  4. Stick a sticky letter corresponding to your child's first name on the hand print (put it towards the top of the palm or on one of the fingers). Trace your family's hand prints to make gratitude cards
  5. Ask your child what he or she is thankful for.  Write that message on the hand print.
  6. Hang on your fridge or bulletin board.
  7. Repeat!  Get yourself in on the action, tracing your hand and writing what you're thankful for!

Hand print gratitude cards

If your child can write, he or she can write the message.  Or even draw a picture of what he or she is thankful for.  I love these little daily reminders of what my family is thankful for.  Every time I walk past our fridge or open it up to get something for dinner, I smile when I see those sweet little notes.

Teachers, this would make a great bulletin board in your classroom!  Or maybe this could be a fun family activity before Thanksgiving dinner.  How do you express gratitude at your house?

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