DIY Space Ship Crafts for Kids

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I love encouraging imaginative play.  Imaginative play always seems to captivate my kids' interest for longer periods of time.  Anything involving a story-line or scene engages the kids and makes play a lot more fun for everyone.

DIY Space Ship Craft Kids Can Make

After a week of space-themed activities at Kate's summer camp, I wanted to tap into that interest and do something space-related at one.  One of the crafts was a space ship, so I thought we'd do something similar with a space-ship-meets-flying-saucer like craft.  And the best thing?  I re-used many supplies I had from my previous crafts (I used the same paint for my DIY princess crown).

DIY Space Ship Crafts- Supplies you will need.

Supplies to Make a Kids Space Ship

  • Two paper bowls
  • Clear tape
  • Newspaper to cover the work surface
  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Embellishments (I used jewels backed with adhesive.  But you could also glue on feathers, buttons, uncooked noodles, etc...)

How to Make the Kids Space Ship Craft

Squirt some paint onto the paper plate and let your child paint the outside of both of the bowls.

DIY Space Ship Craft for Kids

Set them to dry.  After they are dry, tape the bowls together (rim sides together).

DIY Space Ship Embellished and Decorated

And then the fun part begins! Adding the embellishments.

DIY Space Ship craft for kids - so fun!

This could not be easier.

DIY Space Ship Craft for Kids

Kate pretended to fly her space ship all around the house.  We talked about where the ship was going, who was on the ship, etc...

It was super fun for Kate to do and perfect for the dog days of summer when we've run out of just about everything there is to do.  Including running through our DIY obstacle course several times over.

Does your child love imaginative play?  Any other ideas for what to add to the space ship?

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