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Living in South Florida, we rarely experience any weather conditions that make it evident it's actually Fall or Winter, so we have to use our imaginations to come up with ways to experience the changing of seasons. This past week, my children helped me create snowflake and snowman Winter Window Clings. These are simple to do and require few materials.

DIY Winter Window Clings - Fabulous kids craft idea

Materials for DIY Window Clings for Winter

  • Fabric paint in a variety of colors
  • Zipper bags
  • Plain white paper
  • Black marker
  • A window

Directions for Making Winter-Themed Window Clings

Step 1: Begin by selecting a design you would like to create for your window cling and the coordinating colors of fabric paint. We selected several colors, including white, blue, white glitter, and silver glitter for our Winter theme.

Fabric Paint in winter colors

Step 2: You have two options. One option is to paint directly on to the window. Create an outline of what you will be creating. Don't worry; it easily peels off when it dries.

Window Cling Outline

A second option is to trace a picture in a coloring book or use an image you sketch out on paper first. Place a zipper bag over the image and trace the outline with the fabric paints. Allow the outline to dry thoroughly.

Draw a snowman to use as a template

Step 3: When the outline is dry, fill in the image with the correct colors of fabric paint. Again, allow this to dry thoroughly. If you are doing this on a zipper bag, when the paint is completely dry, slowly peel it off the surface of the zipper bag. The thicker the paint is, the easier it will be to peel. Now it is ready to place on your window!

Window Clings for a fun kids craft

This craft project would be wonderful when tied into a lesson on snowflakes. No two snowflakes are the same! As a follow-up activity, read the story The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.

Will you draw your own drawings or trace your window clings from a stencil or printable?

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