DOLE Fruit & Veggies POWER Shakers Can Help Shake Your Morning Up!


Mornings always seem to be the busiest time of day. You would think that once school got out for the summer that we would have days where we could just lounge around in the morning. I envisioned leisurely mornings, making a delicious breakfast while sitting on the patio relaxing. This has not been the case. We have been just as busy, if not busier, when the kids were in school! As soon as school got out for the summer, cross country conditioning started, volleyball practice and tournaments started, plus hello, it is summer. We have all of our family trips planned.

So when I was asked to try out the DOLE Fruit & Veggies POWER Shakers, I jumped right in the car and drove to the store.


These new DOLE Fruit & Veggies POWER Shakers are made with all natural fruit, veggies, real Greek yogurt and they are nutritionally fortified with an extra boost of protein. This is exactly what my family needs when we are running out the door each morning on the way to 4 different events and practices. DOLE Fruit & Veggies POWER Shakers Can Help Shake Your Morning Up! The Shakers come in three color coded flavors:

Blueberry Banana with Red Beet (Blue POWER) Shakers



  • 100% DV of vitamins B6 & B12
  • 100% DV of folic acid
  • 5 grams of protein

Pineapple Mango with Sweet Potato and Carrot (Yellow POWER) Shakers



  • 100% DV of vitamin C
  • A good source of vitamins A & E
  • 5 grams of protein

Strawberry Raspberry with Red Beet and Purple Carrot (Red POWER) Shakers



  • 100% DV of vitamin A
  • 100% DV of vitamin E
  • 5 grams of protein

My girls wanted to try the Red and Blue Power Shakers first.

Power Shakers 003

The Dole Power Shakers are so easy that the girls wanted to do it all on their own. As a mother, I love that. I like things done in an orderly fashion, without a mess or fuss. I like the kitchen to be kept clean, so I usually like to do things on my own. But I decided that it looked so easy that I would let the girls do it themselves. I wanted to let them make their own delicious smoothie, while sneaking in some added veggie nutrition as well as encouraging them to move and shake. Any exercise is good exercise, right?

To make one all you have to do is grab a Dole Power Shaker out of your freezer, open and add some juice. My girl's favorite is apple juice so they used that for both of the smoothies. Dole makes it really easy to know how much juice to add by labeling the container with the exact spot to fill the juice up to. You can even choose between a thick and extra thick smoothie.

Power Shakers 004

My girl's choose thick and added the juice. Once the juice was in they put the lid back on and shake, shake, shake! It was seriously that easy. Once mixed all they had to do was enjoy. Which they did!

Power Shakers 010

The girls really liked both of the flavors. My older daughter commented that these would be perfect for her on the way to volleyball practice and I totally agree. We are usually in a hurry when leaving and all she has to do is pour some juice and she can shake on her way out the door. It is a perfect portion and when prepared with juice, each DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shaker POWER Smoothie is less than 200 calories, low in fat and trans fat-free. This makes a great pick me up before practice!

For more information, check out the DOLE website here. You can also follow DOLE on Facebook and Twitter.  Follow the hashtag #DOLEShakers to see the conversation on Twitter and Instagram!

*This is a sponsored post written on behalf of DOLE and Mom It Forward. All opinions are my own.

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