Easy to Make DIY Wall Decor

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We all want our kids to have beautiful rooms right? But with a combination of dirty hands, muddy feet, curious minds and that paint set from Aunt Jenny, expensive decor can easily be ruined by our little ones. This is where these beautiful, DIY wall decor pictures come in. They cost virtually nothing, look wonderful and can really brighten up a room.

Easy To Make Wall Decor

Easy to Make DIY Wall Decor

What You’ll Need

  • 3 pieces of wood (of any shape or size depending on your taste)
  • Old newspaper
  • A large paint brush (or two)
  • Paint – a neutral colour (eg. white or grey), bright colours of your choice, and black (you can use acrylic paint or wall paint, whichever is easier)
  • Masking tape
  • 3 pieces of paper
  • Scissors
  • Blu-tack


1. Lay out the newspaper so that nothing gets accidentally messed onto your work area.

2. Paint your three pieces of wood in the neutral colour that you have chosen (I would recommend white) using different painting styles as indicated in the image below. This is to create interesting textures.

Painting techniques

3. Allow for these to dry completely and then place strips of masking tape uniformly onto the painted wood leaving gaps of equal distances between the pieces of masking tape in your desired design ie. Diagonal, vertical, horizontal etc. (see visual representation below step 4)

4. Paint over the gaps left by the masking tape in your bright-coloured paint and remove the masking tape immediately after painting to prevent the paint from drying and coming off with the masking tape. After repeating this process on all three pieces of wood, allow for the paint to dry completely while carrying out step 5.

Adding colour


5. Look for pictures of the internet which match up with your chosen theme. I liked the idea of a sailor/sea theme and therefore went for ships and anchors with the colours red and blue but choose whatever floats your boat – excuse the sailor-themed pun. Perhaps you’d like a butterfly theme with pink and purple or a dinosaur theme with shades of green and brown - the possibilities are endless. A quick Google search using the name of the image you’d like and ‘outline’ or ‘silhouette’ will give you images which you can then print out (make them fairly large before printing). Cut out the inside of these shapes. I drew my own which you can do too, but Google is easier.


6. Once the paint is dry, stick your pictures down using blu-tack and use black paint to paint over the spaces. It is helpful to bring your brush down from above in order to prevent paint from going underneath the sides of the stencil.

wall decor

7. Remove your stencils, allow time for drying and you now have this beautiful wall decor! The attachment of these is up to you. You can use hooks, wall adhesive or even vast quantities of blu-tack!


I hope that you enjoyed this DIY guide and I’d love to hear and see how this worked for you :)!

What crafts are you creating this summer?

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