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Are you like me, always admiring the gorgeous headbands and hair bows on Etsy and in stores for babies? They're always so pretty, but sometimes I just can't stomach the price tag and shipping associated with them. But fear not, friends, you'd be surprised how EASY it is to create a baby headband!

In an effort to increase your creative skills and save you money, I thought I'd share this short and sweet, easy baby headband tutorial! You can make 3-4 headbands for your baby girl for the price of what ONE in stores or online would cost...and the best part, it won't take you hardly any time at all!

Easy Baby Headband Tutorial via Mom It Forward

Supplies For Making Your Own Infant Headband

Baby headband supplies to make your own at home - Save a ton of money!

Directions for Making An Easy Elastic Headband for Baby

1. Cut the elastic. You'll start by cutting your elastic for your headband. You can either measure your child's head and then account for the stretch needed in the elastic to hold it on OR if you look online you can find recommended sizes for headbands. For my daughter, 5 months old, I cut a 15.5 inch piece allowing one extra inch to overlap for glue.

cutting elastic for headband

2. Cut the 9x6 Fabric Patch for the Bow. Set your elastic aside and next you'll cut your fabric for your bow. You can use any fabric you'd like. I had some red gingham fabric in my craft room, along with some simple lace, so I decided it would look great with my red, ruffle elastic. Craft stores have a decent selection of elastic, but online you can find TONS of decorative elastic for your projects and it's not at all expensive!

So now you're moving onto cutting your fabric for the bow. You'll need a 9 inch x 6 inch piece of fabric for this project.

Cut your fabric 9 inches by 6 inches!

3. Folding Your Fabric Bow. After the fabric is cut you'll fold it length wise into thirds and then you'll fold it again so that the edges meet in the middle. See diagram below. I added a small piece of the lace on top of the finished product to add some flair to the bow.

Folding a Bow From the Fabric

After you've folded it appropriately, you'll want to cut a thin, six-inch piece to wrap around the center of your bow, so have that prepared accordingly.

Pinch the fabric to create the bow

Creating the bow is simple, just pinch it in the center and use your thin piece of material to tie around it to hold it in place.

Tie the fabric around the back

Once tied, double knot the back and trim off the extra fabric on the ends.

Hot glue your headband together

4. Glue the Headband Pieces Together. Finally you'll need to glue your elastic together at the ends, overlapping it about 1 inch and then adhering the bow to the elastic.

lacey bow headband

All that took a matter of minutes and depending on the type of supplies you have on hand, you could create this for just about any outfit for your child!

So say goodbye to $15-$20 headbands! Now you can spend $15-$20 and make several of your OWN handmade, customized headbands for the same price! can wow your friends by telling them you made it yourself! **double win!** These would also make incredible baby shower gifts.

What baby items do you like to make for your kids?!

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