Back to School Apple Button Bag

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Most people are gearing up for Back to School with their school age children right now and trying to come up with cute ideas for teachers, as the school year starts. We thought we'd share a cute and easy Back to School Apple Button Bag project that is so easy and inexpensive and something even your children can help out with for their teachers!

Back to School Apple Button Bag DIY

Supplies for Making a Back to School Apple Button Bag

  • hot glue gun (or fabric glue if working with little hands and fingers)
  • one jar of red buttons (Walmart has them for less than $5) and a few green buttons for the stem
  • bag or tote

How to make an apple button bag How to Make Your Apple Bag

I started by laying out my supplies and then making the outline of an apple with the buttons. Once my outline was done, I used my glue to secure them all in place.

Make an apple outline out of buttons

Next I started filling my apple in with the buttons...once I got the layout I liked I started gluing those down.

Fill in the apple with red buttons

Then I went back and added more buttons on top to fill in the gaps! Don't worry about layering too much, just fill them in as needed until it looks good to you.

Fill in the buttons and glue them down

After my apple was glued down, I then added four green buttons for the stem...

Green buttons complete your apple made from buttons

The whole project took under an hour to make and cost very little...the buttons cost under $5 and the bag was something I already had on hand and hadn't used in a while. We can't wait to fill it up with some treats and give it to my son's preschool teacher!

Hope you enjoy this easy project!

What is YOUR back to school plan?!

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