Fathers Day: Make a Canvas Gift

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Fathers Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you will be getting (or making) that special dad in your life? Need some inspiration? Well no worries. Today I'm going to share how my son & I created this "I'm Hooked On Daddy" Fathers Day canvas gift. Ready to be inspired?

I'm Hooked On Daddy-Father's Day Canvas Gift

For us, this year's Fathers Day means more than it ever has. My husband is currently deployed so I wanted to send him something that was creative and memorable. And of course I had to include my son in the entire creating process. I also had to consider that whatever we made had to be mailed. So it had to be something durable and practically unbreakable. So that is how this "I'm Hooked On Daddy" Fathers Day canvas gift came to life.

Hooked On Daddy-Father's Day Craft

Here are the supplies I used for our gift:

  • Canvas (any size you desire. Ours was a 6"x8" flat canvas panel)
  • Various paints in blue/red/green/orange/black colors
  • Paint brushes
  • ABC stickers
  • Baby wipes

hooked on daddy 7
First, using your blue paint, you will want to paint "waves" on the canvas.

hooked on daddy 6

Then using green paint, add some squiggles for seaweed on the bottom of your canvas.

And here comes the fun part—your child's hand-print will be turned into the fish! Because this is a "one shot" type thing, explain to your child what they need to do and do a few test runs on plain paper. Also make sure you have an idea of where you want your fish to be. Once you are sure, just cover your child's hand with the orange paint and press it down onto the canvas. Grab a baby wipe to wipe their hands clean.

hooked on daddy 4

Now you are ready to give the fish life. Using the red paint, I painted a heart for the lips on our fish. I also gave it the power to see, by drawing a green dot for the eye.

hooked on daddy 1

Then using my black paint, I painted a hook near the fish's mouth.

Let the paint dry completely before adding stickers.
stickers on canvas
The phrase we added to our canvas was "I'm Hooked on Daddy." But you could also use something like "You are a great catch!" Or "I 'fish' you a happy Fathers Day!"

Don't forget to add your child's name and the year in the corner of the canvas (or on the back}) so you can remember when it was created.

I'm Hooked On Daddy-Father's Day Canvas Gift
And then you are finished! If you want to make sure the stickers don't come off, paint some Modge Podge over the entire canvas to seal everything in. Hope this inspired you!

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