Holiday Craft: How to Make Valentine’s Day Candy Jars


Valentine's Day has some of the best candy, wouldn't you agree? For me, Valentine's wouldn't be Valentine's without conversation hearts. I love to put these little goodies out in a dish during this holiday so everyone can grab a handful and read the message on their heart. This year, I decided to make some cute jars to put on my counter to show off some of my treats. I purchased a kit for this project at The Wood Connection so I wouldn't have to go hunting for all the items separately. If you prefer to customize your project, go for it. Any craft store would carry wooden candle sticks, bases, and glass jars. Here is a quick tutorial to help you create the project.

Holiday Craft jars

How to Make Valentine's Day Candy Jars


  • Black craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wooden candlesticks (2)
  • Wooden bases (4)
  • Small knob (2)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Glossy spray finish
  • Various sizes and styles of ribbons (4 different patterns)


Acrylic Bottles

candy jars


  • Paint your candle sticks and bases with the black paint.
  • When dry, spray them with glossy finish.
  • Glue the candle sticks to the bases with Gorilla Glue. Wait for the stands to dry completely before gluing the glass to the stands.
  • When everything has dried, place the ribbon around the top portion of your glass jar.
  • Put candy or objects in the jar.

If you decided to tie the ribbon on the glass jar instead of gluing it, you could change the color of ribbon for different holidays.

How do you like to decorate for Valentines Day?

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