Craft: How to Make an Anthro-Style Carved Rubber Stamps

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With the summer winding down and school supply sections popping up in your local stores, now is a perfect time to stock-up on some of those classic pink erasers to create your very own DIY rubber stamps.

I have a real love of the art of rubber stamping and I am really falling in love with the rustic stamps you can create with your basic pencil eraser and a wood carving tool. I actually found some GIANT rubber erasers at my local craft store that were perfect for making a rustic, Anthropologie-style rubber stamp.

How to Make an Anthro-Style Carved Rubber Stamp


  • Oversized ribbereraser
  • Flat woodcarving tool
  • Ink pad


I drew my basic shape onto the eraser with a pencil. My plan was for the shape to be rough, so I didn’t measure things out; I just went free form. Then I started carving away with the flat wood carving tool.

I found the easiest way to carve the stamp was to basically trace around the shape with the carving tool and then work at it from the sides. Slowly work section by section, carving away the eraser, exposing the fun shape you have sketched onto the rubber.

Once you finish carving out your shape, test the stamp with an ink pad and a piece of paper. Make sure your shape looks good and make any changes if necessary. Now you have a fun rustic rubber stamp for all kinds of things. Decorate a journal Anthro style.

Or, you can hand stamp some napkins, dishtowels, ribbon, gift wrapping, or even something as basic as a lunch sack for your kiddo’s first day back at school.

I LOVE this! I think I am going to make all kinds of rustic geometric stamps for all kinds of things around the WhipperBerry house. Here is my small stamp I made as well:

I can even see myself making a fun stamp for a wall in my house like Mandi did from Vintage Revivals. Isn’t that just divine?

What would you make? What have you been dying to stamp, but just couldn’t find the right shape? Big or small these DIY rubber stamps are super fun!!

Will you make your own rubber stamp now that you know how easy it is?

Heather Thoming is the founder and editor of the creative lifestyle blog WhipperBerry. Heather specializes in simple DIY crafts and home décor, baking, cooking, food styling, and photography. She has recently fallen in love with iPhone photography and has used her iPhone for all the pictures in this post. You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

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