Ball Jar Project Ideas: Five Favorite Ball Jar Creations


I was so excited to receive a coupon for some free Ball jars and be the first post in the Ball Jar craft series! I absolutely LOVE Ball jars—there are so many fun projects you can make with them. Here is a list of my five favorite ball jar creations, in no particular order:

Mason Jar cupcakes

1. Serve cupcakes in Ball Jars or give them away as cute party favors. Created by Brandi on Somewhat Simple.

2. Serving drinks in ball jars is a popular party trend that I love! Just do a Pinterest search for "mason jar drinks" and you'll be inspired by dozens of ideas.

Mason jars turned into picture frames

3. Use ball jars to frame pictures. I love the look of this, from PhotoJojo.

Craft room organized with mason jars

4. I'd show you my personal craft room with the ball jars used to house many of my small craft supplies, but that room is currently under construction (see it in all it's glory HERE!) but the idea of using ball jars to organize your craft supplies wasn't mine anyway—I was inspired by Becca's craft room on Blue Cricket Design.

Halloween mason jars with monster faces

5. With Halloween just around the corner, why not make a few monster jars? Inspired by Not So Idle Hands, re-created by Megan on Somewhat Simple.

So there you have it! Five projects that are fun, frugal, and festive!

Post written by Stephanie Dulgarian. You can find her at

What projects have you done with ball jars?

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