Holiday Decor: Valentine’s Day Love Jars

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner! With just a few days left, you still have time to create festive bunting flags, coupon booklets, pink popcorn, and these super cute love jars.

This is an easy home decor idea that you can re-create for any season or holiday. I made a fall welcome sign last year using this same technique and it is simple and fun and only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish (minus drying time). When Plaid sent me some fun paints in a variety of colors, I decided to make one for Valentine's Day.

How To Make Valentine's Day Love Jars

Materials Needed:

  • Paint — I used Martha Stewart Satin in three different shades of pink ($1.99 each at Michaels)
  • Jars — You can use recycled condiment jars, or pick some up for less than $2.00 each
  • Puffy Paint for the letters (about $1.00)
  • Embellishments — Ribbon, flowers, etc. (I spent about $4.00 total)


1.) Squirt some paint inside your jar.

2.) Shake your jar vigorously to coat the entire inside. If you don't have a cork or cap, just put a napkin over the opening while you shake. And you can add a teeny bit of water to the inside to get the paint moving a bit, just don't go overboard as the water will keep the paint from sticking to parts of the jar if you use too much.

3.) Repeat Step 2 for all your glass bottles, using a variety of colors if you would like.

4.) Use your puffy paint to write a letter on each jar to spell a word.

5.) Embellish & Enjoy! Add some ribbon and flowers or other creative flair! Have a happy Valentines Day everyone!

What are some of your favorite home decor projects?

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