DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

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DIY Garden Container {glow in the dark} Glitter Treatment
I've got a fun and easy project today that your kids will love. What kid doesn't go gaga for spray paint? {Yes, I highly encourage you to give your garden container this DIY glitter treatment OUTSIDE!}.

My kids have been begging me for spray paint for a long time but I have resisted time and time again. Finally, I relented and we came up with a plan to spray paint garden containers for them to turn into another fun craft later on. We headed to our local hardware store and perused through the spray paint aisle. And wouldn't you know it, my kids keyed on the $15 a can glow in the dark spray paint! Of course they did. In a moment of weakness, I decided to be a yes mom {as opposed to a no mom} and bought it! Can you believe it? Me either.

DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

To make your glittery garden container, you'll need these supplies:

  • Terra Cotta Pots
  • Primer spray paint
  • Glitter spray paint
  • Glow in the dark spray paint {if you want...see my notes below}
  • Clear gloss spray paint

DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

To paint the garden container -

We started our project outdoors on a well protected surface and made two pots - one glittery pink and one glittery silver. We had to keep the pots pretty far apart to keep the spray paint from drifting. We let the pots dry to touch in between each coat of paint - waiting about 20 minutes between each application, and we also had to pay attention to humidity and outside air temperature.We simply followed the directions on the back of the spray paint can and painted our pots the following number of coats of paint:

  • One coat primer
  • Two coats glitter
  • Three coats glow in the dark
  • One coat clear cover {to protect}

DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

Wouldn't you know it, we picked the hottest, most humid day of the year to make these? And we to moved indoors to finish the project when the outside air temperature reached close to 100 degrees. Good thing we live in a barn right now!

Both my big AND little kids enjoyed giving our pots a DIY glitter treatment - but the 6 year old had trouble working the spray paint can and the 4 year old couldn't do it at all. She still liked to watch, though. My 8 and 10 year olds had no problems whatsoever with this project.

DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment

So how did the glow in the dark work out? Well, not so great. The can promised brighter glow power, but we couldn't get them to glow after dark. They glowed nicely inside after charging in the sun for a while, but after it got dark, the charge was gone and they didn't glow anymore. Sad, because we were really looking forward to glow in the dark garden containers. It was definitely not worth $15 a can, in my opinion, but the store does have a no questions asked paint return we'll try again to charge it {maybe with a big, bright light?} and if it doesn't work, I'm returning that can of paint!

They loved transforming their plain pots into something sparkling and magical. Which will come in handy for how we plan to use them in the garden next week.

And that's all there is to the DIY Garden Container Glitter Treatment {glow in the dark, if you're brave}! What do you think? Would your kids also enjoy using spray paint?

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