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I was in need of some beach themed art around my home; something to bring summer indoors. We all know that quick projects are the best kind, right? This super simple beach themed art project is something you can complete quickly in any size. Make a larger version as a focal point or a smaller version for a shelf. Ready to learn the secret to making this fast?

My secret is a cork board! I had this cork board in my pile headed to the Goodwill. It still had some life left in it, though. If you don't have an extra cork board, I have a tutorial on revamping one from the thrift store on The Country Chic Cottage. You will also need vintage beach themed book pages, small wood letters, and some flat thumb tacks.

How to Make Beach Themed Art with Vintage Pages


  • Cork board
  • Paint
  • Vintage book pages
  • Wood letters
  • Flat thumb tacks
  • Glue (I used E-6000)


Paint your wood letters and use E6000 or similar glue to adhere the thumb tacks to the back of the letters. Allow to dry according to the package directions.

Cut your pages to size and arrange them on the board securing with your thumb tack letters.

Add in some beachy themed accessories to set off your new art work.

Be sure to spell appropriate words with your thumb tack letters. I chose "SEA" and "SUN" for my board.

Your beach themed board is the perfect addition to a beach house or a touch of summer in any room!

 What do you do to give your home that beachy/summer feel?

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Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage


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