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I needed a porch facelift, but I wanted something outside of my normal; something very colorful with lots of patterns. I found my inspiration with Riley Blake fabrics. With gorgeous colors and patterns, it was hard to narrow down my choices. I chose three different fabrics from the Bohemian Festival line.

The trick was to pick different patterned fabrics that all had colors in common, which is super easy with the Riley Blake fabric lines. Once my fabric arrived, I started sewing and painting.

I painted the furniture on the porch in bright, coordinating colors. I started my sewing adventures with this ruffled pillow. It is a simple rectangular pillow with three rows of raw edge ruffles. It is so bright and cheerful; perfect for a front porch greeting.

I then added a third fabric to the mix with a table cloth on a little wicker table. You don't even need to sew your table cloth. I just ripped my fabric to size and laid it over the table.

My little table has a collection of rustic treasures on top of it. I can't abandon my farmhouse style completely!

I then worked on another ruffled pillow. This time, I added a finished ruffle all the way around the edge of a square pillow.

Do you want even more color? What about two more brightly painted rocking chairs? I grabbed the spray paint for those two and got to work. I was opting for bright and cheerful and I think I succeeded.

Each of those rocking chairs got a seat cushion. Instead of a plain seat cushion made from one fabric, I mixed it up even more.

Each of the seat cushions is made from two separate fabrics; one for the top and bottom, then a different fabric for the edges.

Mismatched fabrics that...match! The cushions are a little quirky but a lot of fun, welcoming your guests to have a seat and relax on your porch.

After a hard day on the farm, we enjoy relaxing on the front porch. After my little makeover, I feel happier just going outside and sitting down.

Next time you are shopping for fabrics for a project, consider going with mismatched fabrics. Mix and match within the same color scheme for a bright and fun look to your home decor.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects?

This post was written by Angie Holden. You can connect with her at The Country Chic Cottage.

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