Homemade: 8 Simple and Creative Craft Projects

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Crafts—Maybe most of you already know this, but I recently discovered the power of creativity as a means of connection. I don’t see myself as creative, in the artistic sense, in my hobbies of scrapbooking and card-making. But I do think of myself as a creative genius when it comes to finding artistic sources to “copy” from, and creative people with which to surround myself. Book clubs, quilting bees are some classic examples of people connecting around creativity. Craft blogs and sites like are perhaps the new-fangled version. Here are a few more, mostly provided by our readers and tweeters, on the simpler side.

8 Simple Ways to Practice Your Creativity

  1. Give homemade pies or cookies in a jar for neighbors at Christmas. Here’s a simple recipe recommended by Shari Butler of Doohikey Designs on our own Jen Tilley’s How To: Simplify food blog.
  2. Host an annual family cookiebake day. @sharon_sews says you end up with “lots of treats and memories!”
  3. Host an annual girls’ cookie exchange. Bake a couple dozen cookies of a few varieties, and invite a handful of friends to do the same and bring theirs, along with copies of recipes, to your house at a given time. You end up with a fun, yummy time!
  4. Play cupcake wars with your kids. For ideas on how to do that, be creative, or go to her blog,
  5. Throw a shrimp boil. Yes, creativity can play a part in that too. Cindy Hopper provides these ideas.
  6. Make a custom label for a gift you either make or buy, or put it in a custom container such as an old mason jar or paper box.
  7. Invest some special time in dying Easter eggs with your kids by dying the eggs with food. Read GreekMomma’s story of how she did that.
  8. Cover your Thanksgiving table in kraft paper, supply crayons, and invite your guests to go to town. This idea was recommended by Kim Demmon of Today'sCreativeBlog.

What are your favorite craft projects? What craft projects do your kids? What do you love most about items that are homemade?

Photo courtesy of nuttakit.

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