15 Minute Christmas Wreath


Making a Christmas wreath for your door doesn't have to take a lot of time! You can whip up this 15 Minute Christmas Wreath in less time than you spend in the school carpool line.

Supplies for an Easy Christmas Wreath

  • Basic wreath ($6.99 at the craft store)
  • Wire-edged ribbon

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Parties: 5 Planning Essentials for a Perfect Party

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Do you like bring the host of parties or the guest of parties? Hosting seems to be one of those things you either like to do or not. Regardless, there tends to be a lot of pressure no matter how big or small the gathering.   Wine is a staple on…

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Homemade: 8 Simple and Creative Craft Projects

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Crafts—Maybe most of you already know this, but I recently discovered the power of creativity as a means of connection. I don’t see myself as creative, in the artistic sense, in my hobbies of scrapbooking and card-making. But I do think of myself as a creative genius when…

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