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Parties: 5 Planning Essentials for a Perfect Party

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Do you like bring the host of parties or the guest of parties? Hosting seems to be one of those things you either like to do or not. Regardless, there tends to be a lot of pressure no matter how big or small the gathering.


Wine is a staple on many must-have lists. It can certainly add to the elegance of an event and you can even have an entire wine tasting party! At a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno party sponsored by Gallo Family Wines, Tweeters gave tips for hosting a party with wine or not, for both the amateur and the expert. Host your next party without stress by getting ideas for entertainment and food.

How to Throw a Great Party

  • Make a staples list. @valleyandco said her party must-haves are great company, good music, delicious drinks, tasty and easy bites, and effortless décor. Keep your party simple and laid-back. Your guests will feel more comfortable and willing to have fun. @coryanneettiene shared her simple guide to hosting a wine tasting party in style.
  • Provide entertainment. Sometimes it’s fun to have a little something to get the party going and to help people relax. @dreamfishing suggested something that doesn’t overshadow conversation. Some of our Tweeters, such as @beckyaguzzi and @mellanhead, suggested electronic games, such as the Wii or Xbox Kinect. Others suggested classic board games. Favorites included Taboo from @sandie_73, Trival Pursuit from @hockey_maria, Pictionary from @janejoeyxo_jail, and Mad Gab from @busyVAmom.
  • Crank up the music! Okay, it doesn’t need to be that loud, but a little background noise is always good, especially as the guests arrive and there are those silent moments. The type of music depends on your guests and style of party, of course. @coryanneettiene said, “I spend hours on party sound tracks, music is like a hostess that pulls the guest along for a fabulous journey.” But making a play list doesn’t need to take that much time, @aMusingFoodie said she just puts on a @Pandora_Radio channel to keep it simple.
  • Provide appetizers and wine pairings. @KatieBe_NC, who has had a few wine tasting parties, said she usually serves cheese and nuts to begin and homemade chocolate pound cake for dessert. Check out these party appetizers from @bellalimento, as well as @HowToSimplify’s Appetizer Meatballs, @aMusingFoodie's lemon curd tartlets and @SarahWCaron’s Garlic Tomato Crostini with Ricotta. Don’t forget fresh fruit and chocolate, must-haves from @WendiWorm.
  • Just breathe. Don’t get stressed out, you want to enjoy the party, too. @victoria7401 suggests keeping the food simple and letting people help when they ask. “I just always remember the company and the memories are more important than the details,” said @sthrnfairytale. Pair up and co-host parties to avoid stress, a suggestion from @LifebyCynthia. You can also ask everyone to bring their favorite wine bottle and a dish to accompany it, tipped @coryanneettiene, “like a wine pot luck.”

You now have everything you need to throw the perfect wine tasting party, or any other party for that matter, so do it! Keep it simple and have fun!

What are your favorite foods, activities, and music when you host parties?

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