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Craft—It was a beautiful moment when we met. The green and brown placemat sitting on the shelf just beaming as I selected it from the pile of clearance. I must admit I was not a very good friend to the placemat at first. I placed the mat on a shelf in my craft closet and ignored it for awhile. Sometimes I would pull it out as I was scouting for a project and put it back.

The day to take our relationship further has finally arrived, I am going to make an iPad case! The iPad case that I had purchased just does not fit my peculiar personality. It is lacking the hippie touch.

How to make the Ultimate Hippe iPad Case


  • One cute placemat
  • Fabric for the inside lining
  • Button
  • Needle and thread


Step1—Measure the inside dimensions of the placemat. I measured mine to be about 13 inches by 19 inches.


Step 2—Cut a piece of your liner fabric, adding one inch on your dimensions. I cut my fabric to be 14 inches by 20 inches.

Step 3—Iron about a 1/2 inch fold on all sides of the fabric, as shown.

iron 1/2 inch hem

Step 4—Stitch the fabric onto the placemat. I went ahead and stitched right on top of the fabric instead of a hidden stitch. I thought it would be a nice visual contrast with the brown thread.

sew on lining

Step 5—Determine where you want the placemat to be folded to create the pouch and then stitch both sides together.

Step 6—Sew on the closure button where desired.


Step 7—For the button loop: I untied one of the fringe knots. I braided each half and then tied them again at the end (shown below). If you are using a placemat that does not have fringe, you could consider attaching a small piece of cord. I would probably do this before sewing in the liner so you can hide the ends underneath.

button loop

Step 8—Add embellishments as desired. I decided to add a peace sign on the back by sewing hemp rope to the bag using a loop stitch around the rope.


You are all done! Enjoy the Ultimate Hippie IPad case. Or make it a clutch. Whatever you would like. If I were to do this project again, I would probably add a small pocket onto the lining before sewing it on. A brown colored pocket would make a nice contrast to the green color. I might also place a pen or stylus sleeve where the flap folds over.

Note on the stitching: Because of the thickness of the placemat, I hand stitched everything for this project. With the thickness of this particular placemat, it was easy to make sure my stitches were not visible on the other side by only sewing partially through the layer.

Project Cost: Placemat $2, Fabric $2, Button $1, Hemp and Thread already obtained. Total cost $5.

iPad case

Peace, Love and Chocolate-

What are some other ways you can add personal flare to your iPad/Computer case?

Gina Gina blogs about lifestyle and chocolate sweets at She also works as an informatics nurse and enjoys spending time with Chocolate Dad (husband) and Little Dude (son).

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