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I am so excited to be here today from Cox's Corner! This is my very first kids craft and I had an absolutely blast! For this craft, I wanted it to be something special that I would treasure and that my little one would be proud of! I decided it would be fun to make a tree out of my kids' hands and feet so we could use it all year round for different seasons. It may even be fun to turn it into a family tree!

Here is what the finished tree looks like:

Painted tree from kids feet and hand prints

My little guy was SO proud to tell me all about it! I'm thrilled to have captured how small their little hands and feet are before they grow up!

How to Make a Painted Hand Print Tree


  • A blank canvas
  • Brown paint
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush or sponge brush
  • Pencil
  • Cute kids for their hands and feet
  • Possibly a helper if you have really little ones


1. Take a pencil and draw a tree base onto your canvas. I would draw lightly. If you make a mistake where you'll be painting over, it's no big deal, but if you make a mistake on the canvas, it's not as forgiving as I hoped it would be.

Drawn tree outline on canvas

2. After your base/trunk is completely drawn, paint the trunk brown. I used short strokes. I really liked the effect it gave and it was easier to control the brush that way.

Painting a tree trunk brown on canvas

3. Continue with your short strokes all the way up your tree. If it's too light, you can do another coat of brown paint.

Painted tree trunk on canvas

4. Let your tree trunk dry. After it's completely dried, it is ready for your little ones. I decided to start with my oldest first. I painted his hand completely green.

Painting a little boy's hand green for art project

5. Then I pressed his hand onto the canvas and made sure he knew not to wiggle his fingers. We could go about two hand prints before we needed to repaint his hand for more paint.

Placing green hand print on tree trunk

6. We alternated using both hands to make sure the tree looked even. Here is how the top of your tree should look:

Tree painted with green hand prints

7. Then, it was my baby girl's turn. I went ahead and painted both of her feet to get started. This was definitely a two person job. My hubby held her and also made sure the foot we weren't using at the time was clear of the canvas.

Baby girl's feet painted green

8. I alternated each foot every time. I reapplied paint as needed. This is what your finished tree will look like:

Painted tree with green hand prints and feet prints

It was truly so much fun! I love it and so does my little one! For fall, we are going to cut out leaves and write what we're thankful for and stick them on there!

If you would ever like to stop by, I would love to have you!

What are some things you have done to preserve your little one's feet and hand prints?

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