DIY Craft: How to Make a Chocolate Brown Pallet Coat Hanger

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I have joined the craze of pallet art, have you? It all started when I found some old doorknobs in an antique store, browsed some pallet ideas on the internet and the rest is history... or at least the first chapter is here.

How to Make a Chocolate Brown Pallet Coat Hanger


  • Wood pallet
  • Saw
  • Sand paper
  • Wood stain (I recommend chocolate brown!)
  • Drill
  • Door knobs (or any other hangers you like)


1. Cut the pallet in half.


2. Remove other boards from the other half of the pallet you will not be using. Place one board on top of the pallet half you are using to create a shelf. Place other boards on the back of the pallet shelf to enclose it if desired.


3. Sand pallet shelf as desired. Then stain the pallet desired color. I recommend the color chocolate brown!
4. Once the pallet shelf is dry, drill holes for the door knob shafts along the bottom of the coat rack. Space according to how many hangers you have. Note that you could use any hangers here, not doorknobs specifically.


5. Prepare doorknobs. Depending on the doorknobs you obtain, preparation will vary. Most of the door knobs we obtained were not mounted to a shaft, so we had to create one. To create a shaft and mount, we obtained a square metal rod and cut it at lengths long enough to mount the door knob and secure it with a bolt and washer on the other end as shown below. To secure the door knob onto the metal rod we used metal base epoxy, basically glue. If the doorknob shaft does not have threads, it will need to be threaded for the bolt to secure the other end. You can obtain a tool from a hardware store to do this. Mounting the door knobs could be done a variety of ways, this is how we chose to do it.


6. Drill holes into mounting boards to match with the holes already drilled in the pallet shelf. Insert doorknobs through the pallet shelf and the mounting board. Place the bolt and washer on the back side of the mounting board.


7. Consider placing another piece of wood onto the mounting board to create a shelf. We did secure the shelf in place with a few screws.


You are finished! Enjoy!

Coat Rack

Peace, Love and Chocolate.

Are you into the pallet art craze? What has been your favorite pallet project?

Gina Gina blogs about lifestyle and chocolate sweets at She also works as an informatics nurse and enjoys spending time with Chocolate Dad (husband) and Little Dude (son).

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