Simple Stitched Stocking


Make stockings for your family, colleagues at work, or friends - they are super easy to make! Some simple stitching, and you've made a stocking!

Simple stocking DIY - low-sew how-to

Supplies to Make a Low-Sew Stocking for Christmas

  • Two fat quarters of fabric
  • Stocking Pattern
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and thread

Supplies for stockings

Start by cutting out the stocking shapes - cut two mirrored pieces from each fabric.

Cut out pieces for your homemade stocking

Pin the pairs, right sides together. Stitch around the sides, leaving the top open. On the pair you'll be using for the lining, leave a 3" gap in the stitching. You'll use this for turning later.

Stitch the stockings right sides together

Turn one set right side out, and tuck into the other. Pin around the top.

Pin right sides together

Stitch around the top, then turn both right side out through the 3" gap you left earlier.

Turn right side out

Tuck stitch the hole closed with a needle and thread.

Stitch hole closed on your easy to sew stockings

Tuck the lining into the outer stocking, then pin around the top.

Pin down top of stocking

Stitch around the top, 1/8" from the edge, to secure the lining in place.

Stitch down the top of the stocking

Cut 8" of ribbon, stitch to the back of the stocking to hang.

Stitch on a ribbon loop for hanging the stocking

Your stocking is complete! Make as many as Santa will need to fill up for Christmas morning!

Make your own homemade Christmas stocking - easy-to-sew DIY

What will you stuff your pretty stockings with this holiday season?

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