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When I pinned this beautiful Thanksgiving paper chain, it reminded me of the many "countdowns" we have made over the years. Countdowns are always fun for kids. We usually do them at Christmas time, but this year, I thought it would be fun to count down the days until Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Countdown

For this craft you will need a paper plate, brown, yellow, orange, and red construction paper; markers; glue; and scissors.


Cut feather shapes out of the different colored paper. We used about six per turkey.


Then, cut strips from orange paper. Make the strips into links by stapling their ends together (see below). Then staple each link together to make a chain (which will be the turkey's legs). You will need a link for each day until Thanksgiving. Divide the number in half so you know how many links each leg needs. We made this with twenty-four days to go so each of our legs had twelve links.


To make the turkey, have the kids glue the feathers to the top of the paper plate.


Cut a turkey body shape (mine always look like fat bowling pins ;-)) from brown paper. Add some eyes, beak; and a "gobble-gobble" with markers (what is that red thing called?). Have the kids glue the body onto the paper plate.


Staple the leg links to the bottom of the paper plate. Now, it is time to hang your turkey.


Each day, remove a link from the turkey's legs. When his legs are gone, you know it is Turkey Day! This Thanksgiving countdown craft was a lot of fun. You could also have your kids say something they are thankful for each time they remove a link.

 How do you like to count down the days to Thanksgiving?

Lindsay Eidahl is a mother of two and has been married to the best husband for the past 12 years! She has worked with children in some capacity for the past 20 years. After she had children she has been at home with them and watching other children part time. Lindsay loves being creative in all aspects of her life, and feels that creating with kids is both rewarding and fun. She loves DIY projects and upcycling/recycling things that would otherwise have been discarded. A great yard sale is her weakness and a budget friendly lifestyle is her passion! Lindsay wants to inspire other people to find creativity in their days, and has started blogging her creative and frugal ideas at
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