Halloween Spider Craft For Kids


It is great to have a craft that incorporates fine motor skills, patterns, creativity, and just plain fun. Here is a Halloween spider craft for kids that accomplishes each of those things. For each spider, you will need a Styrofoam ball, four black chenille stems (I call them pipe cleaners) cut in half to make eight legs, black craft paint, a paint brush, two googly eyes and Halloween colored beads.

Halloween Spider Craft

Have the kids paint their ball black.

Halloween Spider Craft

Once the balls are dry, have the kids push the pipe cleaners into the balls. Sometimes this can be hard for little hands so you may need to help out with this step.

Halloween Spider Craft

Now, the kids can start stringing the beads onto the legs of the spider. Depending on your child's skill level, they could string the beads in different color patterns (orange, black, orange, black, etc.) or just have them bead as they wish.

Halloween Spider Craft

Once the kids have filled the legs to their liking, bend the end of the pipe cleaner up and wrap around itself so the beads don't fall off. Then, glue on the googly eyes.

Halloween Spider Craft

This has to be one of my favorite crafts we have done. I just think these Halloween spiders turned out so cute.

What are some of your favorite Halloween craft projects?

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