Craft: How to Make a Holiday Baggie Wreath


Are you a crafty person? I can't say that I am. I have always wanted to be. I get an project idea in my head but it looks kind of different when I actually try to do something.

I have found a craft that I would LOVE to share with you! It is something simple and you can use this for several different holidays. The craft I am talking about is this Holiday Baggie Wreath.


The one I made was for Christmas. That is what I like about this wreath, though. You can make the same basic wreath and change up the decorations for any holiday. Add some hearts and cupids and make it for Valentines day. Rabbits and chicks would be perfect for Easter. The possibilities are endless.

Here is how you do it.

How to Make a Holiday Baggie Wreath


  • 1 wire hanger (available at your local dry cleaner if you don't have any available)
  • Decorations (I bought these at a thrift store, all 4 for 50 cents!)
  • 1 box of store brand baggies (not zipper bags) (I only used one box of 150 baggies, the more you use, the fuller the wreath)

Image norm size


1. Bend coat hanger into a circle.


2. Tie a baggie around the hanger like this:


3. Proceed to do this all the way around the coat hanger. At first, they won't look that great, but it starts to take shape as you go along. Eventually you will end up with this:


4. Add your decoration of choice. You can add them on with strings or bread ties, it depends on what type of decorations you are using. Be inventive!

5. Hang your wreath using the hook of the coat hanger.


 I hope you enjoyed this!  Let us know if you did by commenting below!

What different decorations do you have that you can easily alter for different holidays?

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