Thanksgiving: 5 Ways to Experience Gratitude


Studies show that people who regularly practice gratitude are happier. Everyone could use a little more happiness in their life, so start cultivating gratitude in your life today. No matter who you are or how overwhelmed you feel or what challenges you are facing, there is always something to be grateful for. As you start to experience gratitude in your life, you will begin a cycle that leads to higher self-esteem and a positive attitude.

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5 Ways to Experience Gratitude

1. Count Your Blessings

Set some time aside everyday to think about people, things, and circumstances that truly enrich your life. Your list can be as simple as the air your breath or the bed your sleep to things like your job or your car. Try to think of all your blessings from the past and present and let gratitude flow through you.

2. Gratitude Journal

Write down three things you are grateful for each day. Keep this journal on your nightstand or somewhere you will see it everyday to remind yourself to be thankful. This is a great way to actively take part in gratitude and keep a record of all the different blessings in your life.

3. Appreciate Your Challenges

Everyone has dark times in life. And despite how dismal and difficult those times can be, they are usually the times when we grow and learn the most. Think about past and current challenges in your life and how those moments defined you or taught you something. Express your gratitude for those difficult experiences and the growth and new skills that came as a result of them. Allow your struggles to enrich your life.

4. Celebrate the Small Successes

It’s easy to overlook the seemingly small and mundane victories throughout our day, but don’t. Once your get the hang of appreciating the small things, feeling gratitude for the larger successes comes much easier. Be grateful that you found a rogue piece of gum in your purse after a garlic-y lunch. Be grateful for the mailman who showed up right before you went to check the mailbox. Be grateful for your phone that reminded you about an appointment you had forgotten about. Start looking for those small victories.

5. Gratitude Vision Board

Your gratitude vision board can become a personal visual reminder of your blessings. Grab a poster board and various magazines that reflect you and your interests. Cut out images and words from the magazines that communicate different blessings in your life. Glue the images onto your poster board. Hang your vision board on your wall or take it out regularly to remember all the great things in your life.

What are some ways to practice gratitude in your everyday life?

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