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Fall nail trends for 2014 - Colors and nail art fashions

With fall comes fall trends and your nails are no exception!  From on trend nail polish colors to super cool nail art..today is an education in all things nails!  Welcome to Fall Nail Trends 101(so much better than Biology 101 by the way)!

Army Green nail polish is trendy for fall 2014

Army Green Fall Nail Color

Loving this color for fall and not just for your nails!  Say goodbye to the limes and neons that were so popular this summer.  Army Greens are taking over..in all their variety!  This Sally Hansen complete salon Manicure in EVERGREEN is the perfect fit!  It drys pretty dark..but all the more reason to love it!  Don't be afraid to try an Army Green in a lighter shade as well!

Army Green Nail Art for Fall

Fall Nail Trends 2014: Marble nails using Army Green Camouflage Marble Nails from Oooh Shinies

And speaking of Army Green, this marbled camouflage nail art is the perfect look for fall.  Not to mention it is gorgeous and right on trend!

Blackened Cherry Nail polish for fall

Blackened Cherry - Hot Fall Nail Color

I am in love with this color!  It is seriously taking over my life.  From lipsticks to pants to cardigans I have no shortage of Blackened Cherry in my life.  It's fine.  So why not go ahead and add it in a nail polish as well.  And I love this CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Polish in Wine to Five.  Gluttony at its finest! But seriously this color will be everywhere this fall and is the perfect compliment to any fall outfit!

Blackened Cherry Nail Art for Fall

Fall Nail Trends 2014: Plaid Nail Art Plaid Nail Art from Chelsea Queen

How cute is this plaid nail art? Plaid + Nails + Blackened Cherry = Fall Nail Perfection!  Don't you think?

Fall Nail Trends 2014: Electric Violet nail polish

Electric Violet Fall Nail Art Color

Fall isn't all about the dark colors..just ask this CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brillant Polish in Vio-Last!  Need a pop of color this fall season?  Bright yet deep purples are a great go-to.  Especially on your nails! Visit Nailed It Spa to nail your fall look with this trendy shade and more!

Electric Violet Nail Art for Fall

Out of the box fall manicure: Purple French Manicure French Manicure with Purple Tips

Want a real show stopper?  Try switching up your regular French Manicure with Electric Violet tips!  On trend and the perfect pop of color!

Blood Orange nail polish is on trend for nail for 2014

Blood Orange - The Perfect Fall Color Trend This Year

Another color that is not afraid to stand out this fall...meet Blood Orange!  Or more specifically Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in Hot Tamale!  Similar to its cousin Coral that was all too popular this summer Blood Orange is deeper but still provides a pop!

Blood Orange Nail Art for Fall

Pattern Nail Art for fall 2014 Pattern Nail Art from BlingFinger

These nails are just plain cool.  If only I had a steady enough hand to make them a reality!  Maybe, for me at least, this is one that I hand off to my manicurist...but I love the colors and it just feels like fall, doesn't it?

Use metallics this fall on your nails!

Metallics - Brilliant Fall Color Perfectly on Trend

Another trend you will see all over this fall..from your clothes to your makeup to yes-your nails!  This Sinful Colors in All About You was literally 99 cents at my local Walgreens.  Not too shabby to be on trend I say!

Metallics Nail Art for Fall

Metallics nail art for fall 2014 Metallics Nail Art from The Golden Hour

I love these reverse nails!  Instead of getting all glittery on your tips try busting out the glitter on the bottom of your nail instead...and I'm pretty sure even I could do this!

Ready to get your nails all fall ready? Here are a list of my favorite polishes for fall below!

Nail Polish Trends for fall 2014

Do you follow fall trends when it comes to your nails?




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