Halloween Costumes: What Does Your Halloween Fashion Say About You?

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Halloween Costumes—When I grew up, I'd start planning Halloween months in advance. And this was before they started putting candy in the stores in early September!

While I loved pumpkins, Halloween decor, and everything fall related, my main objective was to figure out my Halloween costume. My mom was an excellent seamstress (she still is!) and I think she thought I'd eventually outgrow my love of Halloween and the fun of wearing costumes, but she ended up making them for me all through elementary, middle, and high school, one in college, and one after I got married.

My evolution of Halloween costumes includes everything from a princess and a cheerleader to a flapper and a gypsy. I think there was a black cat in there somewhere, which still surprises me to this day (I am afraid of cats!). I need to find the pictures. I bet there are some great ones!

As I analyze my choices, I wonder: Did the costumes reflect my hopes and dreams? The trends at the time? If not, why did I choose them? I don't recall ever wanting to be a cheerleader, but I would have loved to have been a flapper. I love dancing and music from the 20s. A gypsy? Not so much. But, it was the perfect costume to go with @TroyPattee's pirate costume (my mom made his costume as well).

Children's Halloween Costumes

And what about your kids? Here's a few snapshots of our kids' Halloween costumes of years gone by.

I can tell you right off, that my son would have worn that Thomas the Tank Engine costume all year if he could have! Not many people could convince him he wasn't Thomas at that point in his life! He was so convinced that when his stomach hurt, he'd say: "My boiler aches!"

My mom created this dracula costume and Troy did the makeup! Our then six year-old was a pretty shy and anxious kid. Maybe he wanted to be Dracula to become a little bolder.

And then my mom moved out of the country, which ushered in the era in which we purchased Wal-Mart children's Halloween costumes. These ones were chosen because of what was popular at the time—Power Rangers and Star Wars.

And this year? To beat all records, we already have the kids' Halloween costumes. Chase wanted to be a ninja, because it was the closest he could find to a karate-type costume and karate is his main love right now. And Connor? He is obsessed with Cub Scouts. He is insisting on not buying or making a costume, but going as Cub Scout wearing his regular Scout uniform. To each his own, right?

What do your costumes and Halloween fashion say about you and your kids? What are you and your family dressing up as this year? How will you celebrate Halloween?

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