Fall Party Tree Crafts for Kids


When you throw a fall party, it is always wonderful to have a little activity for little hands ready. This is a fun craft done two different ways - perfect for when you have multiple ages of little ones at one party!

Fall Party Crafts for Kids

Little ones love having something to take home to put on the refrigerator! And this is the perfect time to pull out those warm fall colors and make the perfect Fall party activities or anytime you want to celebrate a non-Halloween fall gathering.

Supplies for Fall Tree Craft #1

(this one is perfect for preschoolers)

  • Fall colored small pom poms
  • White paper
  • Double sided-tape

Instructions for Fall Tree Activity for Preschoolers

  1. Draw a tree on the paper
  2. Put double sided tape on paper
  3. Let the child add the pom poms to the tree

Fall Party Craft for Kids - Sequin Fall Tree

Supplies for Fall Tree #2 Craft

(this one is perfect for the littles you are comfortable with paint)

  • Q-tips or paint brushes
  • White Paper
  • Paper Plate
  • Craft Paint in fall colors

Instructions for Fall Sequin Tree

  1. Draw a tree on the paper
  2. Put a small dot of each paint color on a paper plate
  3. Have kids use a Q-tip and dot the tree

Fall Party Crafts for Kids - Tree Crafts

These are so fun and will look great on the fridge! Will you make the pom pom tree or the sequin tree with your kids?

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