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Boredom Busters: 5 Summertime Activities for Kids

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Summer is that special season when kids are home from school and the weather is warm. The sun is shining and it's time to get dirty and have some fun. But boredom can set in quickly during the summer months, so parents beware and be prepared. These summertime activities for kids should get your creative thoughts going and you can run, jump, and play your way to two (or three) months of summer fun!

5 Summertime Activities for Kids

Make a Mud Hole

Summertime Family Fun

My boy doesn't like to get dirty, but when Mommy digs a hole in the backyard (or just uses one of the holes the dogs have made) and then starts pouring in water, he brightens up and gets involved. I may or may not have been known to dump a mud pie in my son's lap so he wouldn't be worried about getting dirty, and there may be pictures out there of me with mud "war paint" on my face. Get in there and make it a family activity!

Chalk it Up

Whether you are in the house on a rainy day or out in the sun on the sidewalk, chalk is always lots of fun. Buy different colors and styles of chalk for extra imagination. My boy even got some glitter chalk recently and I can't wait to use that on our chalk wall in his playroom.

"Leaf" the Boredom Behind

Leaves, believe it or not, can provide hours of fun if you know what to do with them. Try collecting different shapes and sizes and learning about their origins or make a collage. You can even paint them and make a beautiful picture, or try painting with the leaves as brushes. It's so much fun and the kids get to be messy!

Plant Seeds of Family Tradition

Make a garden or plant seeds in small cups. Find a place in the yard or in a flower bed and start a family tradition of planting seeds together. Track your progress each day or every other day and make a collage of the changes. Take this time to learn about healthy foods or how flowers grow.

Make a Movie Theater

Pick your child's favorite movies or find a few new ones and have a movie day to cure the boredom of a rainy day. Search online for coloring pages or other activities to learn about the movies. Disney is great at releasing movie-themed coloring pages, and blogs like mine usually will post them to help promote the movie. Buy small popcorn cups or save them from when you visit a real theatre. Line up bean bags or recliners to make the "theater feel". Make movie time fun and interactive to get the whole family involved!

Whatever you do during summertime, make it fun, make it interactive, and make lots of memories!

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your family in the summer?

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