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Printable: Family Dinner Discussion Starters

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How often do you and your family have dinner around the table? Our family is lucky if we can sit down together three times a week. I have busy teenagers and kids, so it is sometimes a challenge to connect this way. Sundays are my favorite day because we don't have a lot going on outside the home. We always sit down for a family meal, and share highlights of the week. It is fun to hear what each of my kids are doing, and what they are passionate about. It is a fun time to share the positive and negative moments of life. If you need some family dinner discussion starters, our new Family History eBook can help.

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This month we are sharing our Family History ebook with our community. In the eBook, we have included a few printables for family dinner discussion cards. These fun cards will help spark conversation around the table. You can can print them off and store them in a cute glass jar. Read one or as many as you want in one sitting. Once you start this fun habit you will be amazed at how much more of an effort you will make to have family dinner together. Just think of all the fun you will have getting to know each other better.

Family Dinner Discussion Cards

How Do I Download?

To download this printable, get our Family History eBook "here".

Do you have favorite family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation? Our family has a favorite sugar cookie recipe that my grandma created. I love thinking of her when I make these delicious cookies with my kids. I want my family to know that it is her recipe, and that she loved making them with me when I was little. There is a Family Recipe Printable in the Mom It Forward Family History eBook that can perfectly capture these precious recipes for now and years to come. To receive a copy of this printable and all of the other printablesĀ in the Family History eBook, go "here".

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