Family Fun: New Year’s Eve Kid-Friendly Craft Projects


At our house, New Year's Eve is an event where the kids are allowed to stay up well into the night, if they can, to bring in the new year with us. We have plenty of food, music, friends, and fun for both the adults and the kids.

I've found that aside from food, having crafts for the kids to make is not only a way to help them make it until midnight, but also a fun moment to share with friends. Two years ago, they made zany glasses from a template from Family Fun.

This was, I think, the easiest New Year's Eve craft ever for me to prepare because all I did was print the template out a few times on orange cardstock, then provide the kids with scissors, starch packing peanuts (those are the blobs of color on N's glasses), foam letters, and glue, all of which I had on hand.

Event the adults, including Jyl and I, got in on the action as well.

Poor Jyl got a paper-cut boo-boo while putting her glasses together. And then there's me, giving the craft two thumbs up...

...'cause I'm just that cool.

This year, I'm again putting together something that will be easy to prepare and fun for the kids to make. I also want it to result in something that visually commemorates the new year. It will be something they will likely dispose of the next day, but the pictures of them making and displaying the craft will be scrapbooked as markers of not only the year but also their changing interests and developing minds. Such serious goals for such silly crafts? I think not. If it's the right craft, that is an easy result. Here are the possibilities:

1) Making the numbers "2012" out of Li'l Smokies.

2) Making a collage like this one of the numbers.

What do you think?

What New Year's Eve craft projects do you love to make with your kids?

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